Cultivating Trust: Insights from a Language Expert for Higher Education

With almost daily headlines highlighting the continued decline in trust that people have in higher education, it’s no wonder higher ed administrators and faculty are feeling, at best, discouraged and, at worst, demoralized. For the record, this decline in trust is not limited to higher education. It cuts across almost every sector. And coming off [...]

Crafting Connection: A Language Expert’s Tips for Nonprofit Audience Engagement

Coming off of a decline in charitable giving in the U.S.* and with almost daily headlines highlighting the continued decline between Americans and institutions of all kinds, it’s no wonder that nonprofit professionals are feeling, at best, discouraged and, at worst, demoralized. However, for the record, this decline in trust is not limited to nonprofits. [...]

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Collaboration in Higher Ed Admissions and Marketing

Did you miss Part 1? Read the first installment in the series here to learn about how admissions and marketing teams collaborate — common pain points between the two teams, what each team needs from the other, and how intentional partnership and communication between the two teams can drive collective success Every industry or organization [...]

Social Media is Changing

I’m seeing an exciting trend amongst nonprofits. I’m seeing some nonprofits rethink how their social channels serve their organization. For years (dare I say decades?), most nonprofits have used their social channels as promotional vehicles–a scrolling billboard for whatever initiative, campaign, or event they need to promote. And for a while, this worked–which makes sense–this [...]

In Defense of Higher Ed

Recently, after a series of rainy days here in NYC, I complained about the weather in front of my five-year-old son, “Rain again today?!” “But, Mom!” he quickly interjected. “If it doesn’t rain, we won’t have any flowers when spring comes!” His wise words got me thinking about the current rain cloud that seems fixed [...]

Breaking Silos: Strategies for Unified Efforts in Higher Ed Admissions and Marketing

Every industry or organization has them – the two teams or disciplines that are like oil and water. They struggle to collaborate, they’re quick to point fingers, and it’s never their fault. In higher education, traditionally those teams are marketing and admissions. In my role, I’ve seen this stereotype come to life and the impact [...]

The Shifting Role of Comms

Imagine this: It’s 1964, and you’re the head of communications for Hellmann’s Mayo (just stay with me here), which, broadly speaking, means you are in charge of delivering the company's message to the public. You might be drafting a press release that’s slated for distribution on the wire next week announcing you’ve just been picked [...]

To Gala…or not to Gala?

“Are galas dead?” This question was asked to me recently by a colleague who leads fundraising for a major NYC nonprofit. A gutsy question from someone whose career has been marked by some incredibly successful galas over the years. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard it since the fundraising world has turned upside-down. [...]

Five Questions Smart Enrollment Marketers Are Asking Today

These days, there’s no better signal for a looming crisis than big opinions spouted with little accountability. Sadly, higher ed is no different. Higher ed is facing a significant enrollment cliff that data (and almost every higher ed headline) tells us will hit in 2025. Accelerated by Covid and impacted by ongoing cultural shifts, it’s [...]