A Comprehensive Guide to Enrollment Marketing

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The “EnlightenED” webinar series was crafted by Town Hall’s higher education industry experts to provide education marketing, enrollment, and admissions teams with strategic insight and actionable takeaways to level-up tactics and drive more interest for programs.

In this webinar, experts from Town Hall and the Google Education team share their perspective on recent education industry trends, what marketers need to do to adapt to this changing landscape, and how we can use platforms like Google to meet prospects where they are.

This event has passed, but you can watch the video of the session and download the Foundational Checklist resource below.

Are you aligned on what success is for your paid campaigns? Are your campaigns aligned with your business goals? In this 40 minute session, we will discuss strategies to help you bridge the gap between marketing objectives and business objectives and ensure your marketing campaigns are serving your overall enrollment goals.

You’ll hear from a range of experts from Town Hall and Google understanding the relationship between program demand, your advertising budget, and the most efficient media mix. Topics will include performance metrics, testing methodologies, and campaign mix and structure to maximize your opportunities.

This event has passed, but you can watch the video of the session and download the Campaign Evaluation questions document below.

In this 40-minute session, Town Hall experts and partners from Google will dive into the future of paid media for enrollment marketing, including advanced analytics, scaling strategies to best optimize your campaigns, and an exclusive look into new features from Google.