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AI + The Law with VP of Innovation and AI Attorney

A Webinar on the Latest Legal Implications of AI


Why Focus on the Legal Implications of AI?

In June of 2023, we gathered marketers from the nonprofit, higher education, arts & culture, theatrical, attractions, and sports industries to discuss the AI boom and what it meant for our businesses. This was the dawn of the ChatGPT storm, and many were unsure what this not-so-new technology meant for our industry. Peter Yagecic (Vice President of Innovation, Hatch) walked us through an intro to AI, and Gary Kibel, JD (Partner, Davis+Gilbert LLP), discussed legal considerations for marketers when interacting with the rapidly evolving tool.

Now, some of us are using ChatGPT daily to write first drafts of emails or meal-plan our week based on the contents of our fridge. Others are noticing that AI is integrated into many aspects of our lives, from how we search to how we consume and create social media content. Regardless of where you are in your AI journey, we invite you back into the discussion of what AI means for marketers and businesses nearly a year later. Folks who attended our 2023 event and folks who couldn’t make it will appreciate learning what has changed about AI in the past year and what legal considerations should be top of mind for marketers. How often do you get an hour of a lawyer’s time for free?

What You’ll Learn

The webinar dives into the evolving landscape of AI and its legal implications. The discussion delves into AI’s impact on privacy, intellectual property, and fairness in the context of generative AI models. Gary Kibel, JD, shares insights on the potential need for laws regulating AI’s impact on individuals and businesses. The EU’s AI Act and the FTC’s stance on deceptive practices are also addressed. The conversation highlights the growing concerns around the potential misuse of AI technologies and the need for transparency and caution in adopting AI solutions.

Click the link below to watch the the free webinar, which includes a 10 minute introductory presentation by Peter Yagecic, a 30 minute presentation on the latest legal implications of AI by Gary Kibel, JD, and a robust Q&A.

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