Case Study

Columbia University

We partnered with Columbia University’s Alumni Association to build an all-encompassing, digital world, made for networking, getting connected, and learning more about university programs and research.

Students mill about a large staircase leading up to one of Columbia Unviersity's main buildings.

The Challenge

Oftentimes, when college ends, it feels like something is gone forever. We wanted to change that. How can we keep Columbia’s alumni, current students, educators, and everyone in between close, even after class is dismissed?

What We Did

  • Website & UX

The Solution

We created a dynamic, global platform for Columbia’s community to share their stories, get connected, and grow together all in one place. Upon launch, eager participants from every college on campus shared written blogs, videos, photography, and more. 

ColumbiaYou is tightly integrated into the fabric of the university and celebrates relevant initiatives happening all around campus and the world.

The Impact

The immediate response was remarkable. We saw an influx of stories submitted by alumni from all over the world, deepening the storied university’s culture. ColumbiaYou quickly spread to social media which helped to introduce our message to a variety of new audiences. ColumbiaYou proved to be a powerful element in alumni networking and fundraising efforts.