Case Study

EB Research Partnership

EBRP is an innovative nonprofit leading the way in finding a cure for the rare genetic disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). We teamed up with the organization to help elevate their work and ensure they can help even more people struggling with EB find comfort, support, and hope in others.

A woman holds a child an excited child with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

The Challenge

EBRP needed to build a strong, digital community for today and tomorrow. Our goal was to provide critical community management support, produce social content that brings people together, and define a game plan for growth.

What We Did

  • Digital Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Social Content Creation

The Solution

We highlighted people who live with EB, the efforts of EBRP’s ambassadors, educational content, event information, and more. Our team of experienced community managers quickly became the voice of the organization through their high-touch engagement approach and regularly interacted with EBRP’s active social audience.

We also conducted an in-depth social strategy review and identified key opportunities to strengthen each channel, boost content performance, and improve EBRP’s digital presence through a tailored long-term social strategy. Our strategy included posting recommendations, proposed recurring content franchises, and explored visual executions for those franchises which set the EBRP team up for ongoing success as they continue to nurture and grow their social community.

The Impact

Within three months, we saw EBRP’s community rapidly grow. Our efforts helped spread EBRP’s mission, highlight the organization’s work, and build a network of support and community for those living with EB.


increase in average engagement across all channels


increase in sent messages


increase in received messages