Case Study

Girl Scouts of the USA

We worked with the Girl Scouts of the USA to bring a unique digital experience to life with Girl Scout alum Kristen Bell, encouraging members to continue their journey as Girl Scouts.

Kristen Bell instructs a couch full of girl scouts who are completing a worksheet on large clipboards.

The Challenge

We needed an engaging way to encourage renewals among existing Girl Scouts and garner excitement among new audiences to join in on the fun and sign up.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Campaign Development
  • Video Production

The Solution

We wrote and produced a 30 minute pre-show and a 30 minute main show with special guest, Kristen Bell. Our interactive, TV-esque event celebrated what makes Girl Scouts special, inspired by Kristen Bell’s book Paint Your World Purple. 

We shined the purple spotlight on select troops that made a difference in their community to encourage other Girl Scouts to use their voice for good. Showcasing real troops in-action brought a real-life element that made the digital event feel more engaging.

The engagement didn’t stop there. Viewers were treated to interactive activities, including Zoom polls, delightfully self-explanatory “Wiggle Breaks,” and downloadable worksheets so everyone could join in on the fun from start to finish.

The Impact

The digital event was a major hit! Girl Scouts across the country came together to celebrate their purpleness, connect with one another, and renew their memberships.


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