Case Study

Harvard Online

Harvard Online offers certificate courses to learners around the world. We created a brand identity for these offerings from the legacy university to engage a global student body ready to reach new levels of success.

A man sitting at a table in a meeting speaks while his other coworkers turn to listen to him.

The Challenge

Harvard Online needed a strong brand voice and distinctive visual identity to help them break through the crowded online learning market. It was important that this new identity balance both their legacy and reputation as an institution of excellence in education with the values of accessibility, support, and community.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Campaign Development

The Solution

We developed a series of creative directions for reframing Harvard Online’s status by giving it a fresh perspective inspired by the lives, goals, and motivations of its intended audience. Using bold, compelling statements, these “Go Next Level” assets highlighted the breadth and excitement of the university’s digital offerings and, most importantly, the potential for all students to take advantage of them. This, in combination with eye-catching visuals that used the classic Harvard look in a new, modern way, made for a powerful campaign that set Harvard Online apart from the rest.

The Impact

Our “Go Next Level” campaign successfully captured Harvard Online’s tradition of excellence and rigor with an inviting and aspirational touch, open to all people around the world.