Case Study

Meals on Wheels America

Meals on Wheels America–an organization that helps seniors facing hunger, depression, and isolation–saw an outpouring of support during the early days of Covid-19. We partnered with Meals on Wheels America to keep the life-changing momentum going during a particularly difficult time.

Woman handing a tray of food with a drink and an orange to an older gentleman.

The Challenge

This was a crucial moment to rally growing support and make a difference in seniors’ lives unlike ever before. How can we help maximize Meals on Wheels America’s impact and bring their mission to the forefront?

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Content Production
  • Performance Analysis

The Solution

Meals on Wheels America came to us with a concept, Power of a Knock, which highlighted the difference a single knock can have in the lives of seniors struggling with food insecurity and how important it is to come together in times of need.

Our goal was to amplify the Power of a Knock and get Meals on Wheels America’s story out into the world. We crafted messaging tailored to existing audiences and new audiences, setting the stage for a robust turnout of support. We tested our creative along the way to make sure we were doing justice to the impactful story behind Power of a Knock.

We created compelling donations-focused creative that inspired people to do their part. Our strategy became more and more effective as we tested to find what resonated the most with those who wanted to help.

The Impact

The Power of a Knock found its people.


increase in clicks


increase in site visits


increase in total donations


lower cost per donation