Case Study

No Kid Hungry: Sharing Support on Social

Stepping up in a time of crisis to offer help and hope.


As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign rose to national attention as their mission to end childhood hunger became more urgent than ever. The impression level for their social media channels increased from millions to billions in just a few weeks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they saw an increase in mentions across social media, with people asking how to get involved and an overwhelming increase in mentions and engagements from influential social users. No Kid Hungry wanted to ensure that everyone who wanted to learn more about their work and get involved had access to accurate information while doubling down on their “Culture of Gratitude,” thanking every donor, or Hunger Hero, during this time.


Just three days after receiving the No Kid Hungry team’s call for support on their social efforts, Situation’s content team implemented a comprehensive community engagement schedule across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Some of the key engagement points that anchored our strategy included:

  • Highlighting and amplifying key campaigns, including: the celebrity-led #SaveWithStories campaign, April’s TrillerFest of virtual concerts, Pepsi’s #GiveMealsGiveHope partnership, and the #AllInChallenge.
  • Amplifying conversations of support online related to both service workers and the campaign in general.
  • Providing information in response to queries about how to get support and find service locations. 
  • Staying up to date and accurately relaying new information about new policies and programs as they were introduced (both internally at No Kid Hungry and through national programs).
  • Correcting misconceptions about No Kid Hungry, broader misconceptions around related programs like SNAP, and hunger in America in relation to this particular moment that is defined by coronavirus and school closures.


While this work is ongoing, one of the most immediate, measurable results is that after a swift onboarding period, the No Kid Hungry team received 80 additional hours of social media monitoring and engagement support per week during some of the most critical weeks of the pandemic. During this time, our team has, through thousands of interactions, provided critical information, encouragement, and support to those looking to give to No Kid Hungry and those who are in urgent need of its services (see sample interactions below). As the crisis endures for longer than anyone in our country had originally anticipated, we are proud to maintain record-level engagement across these channels as the need for information and community doesn’t appear to be decreasing any time soon.