Case Study

NYU Tandon

We partnered with NYU Tandon to develop a new brand identity, positioning, tone of voice, and messaging for their Digital Learning program.

A woman with headphones on smiles and looks at her laptop.

The Challenge

NYU came to us to help create a distinct brand identity for their Digital Learning portfolio. They wanted to introduce their storied legacy to a larger audience and leverage the unique offerings to help them stand out within the NYU family. This new look and language would need to allow for flexibility to work on both the brand and program levels.

What We Did

  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding
  • Campaign Development
  • Paid Media Strategy

The Solution

NYU Tandon has a long tradition of welcoming unconventional thinkers, embracing change, and encouraging transformation. Its standout Digital Learning program is another extension of this legacy—a place where students of every background (STEM or non-STEM) can find the flexibility, rigor, creativity, and support they need to reach their unique goals.

Our goal was to establish NYU Tandon as the preeminent institution for anyone seeking STEM-specific, online degrees, and executive and professional education programs. We landed on the campaign “Engineered for__. Engineered for you.” This setup enabled us to capture audience attention while paying off the brand values of flexibility, accessibility, and innovation. Our accompanying visual design reflected similar values of innovation and flexibility in its ability to morph into a countless number of images to fit brand and course specific content.

The Impact

Our campaign successfully positioned NYU Tandon as a leading destination for those looking to explore the world of engineering and captured the goals of innovation and flexibility across brand and program specific content.


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