Case Study

Services for the UnderServed

Introducing an impactful organization to new audiences.


S:US is one of New York City’s largest social service and housing organizations,* but they were challenged with low brand recognition among New Yorkers with the potential to provide meaningful support. Town Hall was engaged to help S:US grow their community of supporters while raising awareness of their work and impact.

*According to Crain’s New York Business (November 2021)


We began with a strategic engagement focused on developing a creative campaign that differentiated S:US in a cluttered market and defined their core value proposition. In Discovery, we learned about S:US’ history, work, and existing supporters and researched competitive organizations and the demographics of their supporters. We then developed personas that represented our growth audiences and developed a key storyline and visual direction that would speak directly to them.

Our execution phase centered around a pilot campaign in December of 2021 to increase awareness, grow our community, and build insights. We created a comprehensive campaign style guide and produced a hero video that told the story, featuring real New Yorkers who have thrived with support from S:US.

We also optimized our digital footprint, which included building out a suite of compelling creative assets and a content strategy for social.

We improved the existing email and CRM strategy by creating a drip campaign to welcome new leads and enhanced the S:US website experience by developing dedicated landing pages and updating key pages on the S:US website.

Finally, we ran a paid media test campaign that focused on creating high-level awareness through video-focused platforms, while driving engagement and landing page visits using paid social and building connections with Facebook native lead gen ads.


Our test campaign delivered on our goals of increasing awareness, growing our community of supporters, and building insights for the future. We saw strong awareness results on video platforms, including a 96% View Rate on CTV and a 72% View Rate on YouTube (far outperforming our 30% benchmark). Beyond awareness, we grew support by acquiring hundreds of new leads over the course of a few weeks. These leads and our learnings about our growth audiences will inform our future campaigns.