Case Study

Smile Train

Smile Train is the world’s largest cleft charity, on a mission to help children live their happiest and healthiest lives. We came together to turn their message into educational, effective, and uplifting PSAs that highlight the lives of patients.

A child smiles and holds up a photo of herself with a visible cleft palette.

The Challenge

With the Covid-19 pandemic limiting our ability to conduct a new video shoot, we needed to come up with a way to communicate all that Smile Train stands for and demonstrate the incredible transformations that they deliver—and all in under 60 seconds using existing footage.

What We Did

  • Video Production

The Solution

Our goal was to create PSAs that highlighted Smile Train’s story, what children go through when born with a cleft, and how Smile Train makes a difference in people’s lives. We also wanted each PSA to shed light on Smile Train’s educational efforts, sustainable practices, and person-first approach.  We developed each PSAs’ narrative structure and used existing footage to craft a compelling story.

To further support this message, we included footage of Smile Train in action at partner hospitals and interview footage from an American Smile Train supporter to connect with our U.S. audience.

We produced our PSAs in multiple lengths with both English and Spanish language versions. We also produced English versions as radio spots. Our PSAs served to highlight Smile Train’s incredible mission and impact.

The Impact

Our PSAs captured the importance of Smile Train’s cause, the pure joy that comes from their help, and Telly awards along the way.