Case Study

The Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

As the Ad Council's social agency of record, we created a social strategy for their “Love Has No Labels” campaign to amplify their mission of inspiring inclusive communities, challenging inherent biases, and making deeper connections through openness and acceptance.

Two women smile with their foreheads touching.

The Challenge

Our team needed to build a supportive community that engaged with us (and stayed engaged with us) on social media platforms to celebrate love in all its forms and promote the power of positive conversation.

What We Did

  • Social AOR
  • Community Management

The Solution

We created a robust social strategy that highlights inspiring stories of overcoming social biases, filling the Love Has No Labels social platforms with love and inclusivity.

Our user-generated content features communities of all backgrounds, bold statistics supporting our cause, and engaging graphics encouraging user interaction.

We even go beyond social. Our strategy has ignited conversations around today’s issues proving that social media can be a powerful and positive place to engage in meaningful discussion.

Our dedicated community management team amplifies and engages with positive conversations to create an ever-growing space where the Love Has No Labels community could speak freely and feel supported.

The Impact

The Love Has No Labels community has seen major growth across social media, website visitors, and site engagement.


organic impressions


increased average impressions


increased average engagement