Social Media Survey

These might be some common questions you ask about your organization’s social channels:

  • Why is no one seeing the content we’ve worked so hard on?
  • How do we find time for social posts, when we’re so understaffed?
  • We need more content, where do we get it?
  • Why don’t we have more followers, considering the incredible work we do

We’re here to help you find the answers. Please take this short social media survey (or send it to your org’s social media team) and we will share the cumulative findings to help you maximize your organization’s 2024 social media strategy.

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How would you best describe your organization's top social media goal for 2024?

What platforms do you currently focus most of your efforts towards?
What do you think should be your organization's top priority platforms?
Our organization understands each platform's social media algorithms, and every piece of content is geared towards it.
How far out do you typically plan content (excluding "on the fly" posts)
Our organization understands who our social media audience is, and every piece of content is geared towards them.
Our organization posts content on our social media that is engaging, informative, and true to who we are as a brand.
If there were no rules for your organization's social media, what's the first thing you would do? (Dream big!) Any platforms your organization hasn't tried that you'd like to?

Our organization posts an appropriate number of posts each month across all social media platforms.
Our organization's mission is accurately represented on our social media channels.

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